Tackle Review: “Ohero Braid”

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Over my career I have had the opportunity to use dozens of brands of fishing line; some I like, some I dislike, but finally I have found one fishing line that I love… it’s Ohero Braid made from 100% Dyneema!  The Ohero Braid has several user-friendly qualities that I have found to be ultra beneficial to my style of inshore fishing.  Below are few of the attributes I have noticed since I started using Ohero Braid exclusively this past summer with my clients and on Flats Class TV.

Enhanced casting distance, superior strength, abrasion resistance, sensitivity and ultimately cost has to factor into every professional guide’s decision making and budget, including mine.  And my business, outside of being a TV host, is to stalk redfish and giant sea trout in mere inches of crystal clear water for my clients 80% of the year so I’m looking for an advantage.  Ohero Braid gives me that edge!

The two most popular materials that make-up braided lines are Spectra-Fiber and Dyneema. Spectra lines tend to be a little thicker in diameter (but super strong) and stiffer (holds its shape) which often translates into added spool memory and a loss of casting distance in most cases.  On the other hand, Dyneema super lines, such as Ohero Braid, easily glide off reels and smoothly move through rod guides with virtually no resistance.  Ohero Braid is a soft, smooth, and very limp braid which makes it most desirable with inshore anglers looking for a competitive advantage similar to those found with more expensive lines. 

The fine diameter of Ohero Braid (the thinnest braid to mono ratio on the market) obviously equates to improved casting distance but the lightweight body of Ohero Braid also allows lures to achieve operating depth faster and adds to the action of the lure.  Ohero Braid has other traits though that enhance its long casting capacity too… such as its 8-carrier design giving the Ohero Braid a consistent round shape plus the line is treated with a nano-technology process which makes the braid especially smooth and slick… again extending its casting capabilities. Many of the competing Spectra Braids use a waxy coating to give their lines a slick feel but that coating comes off rather quickly with use and the friction created makes casting distance suffer a great deal. Ohero Braid remains smooth through the life of its use with proper care and maintenance.

Another benefit to using Ohero Braid made from 100% Dyneema is that it’s highly resilient to UV rays and the harsh saltwater environment.  This means your line will retain a high percentage of its original strength compared to other lines over a given period of time. These qualities are important because Ohero Braid is a zero-stretch (low elongation) line that has to absorb the impact of hard-hitting game fish, strike after strike.  Additionally, the hyper-sensitivity of Ohero Braid makes it my favorite choice for finesse fishing small soft plastics or suspending lures… where touch and feel matter.

Ohero Braid comes in a variety of colors: Blue, Fluorescent Yellow, Moss Green, and Mixed… my favorite is the “Blue” its damn near invisible when casting over spooky fish in clear water. But the “Fluorescent Yellow” is a great choice for working docks or current where seeing your line is critical when reacting to the bite.

But best of all, is the price tag that is attached to the Ohero Braids.  You would expect to pay a premium price for such a high-performance braid yet it sells for about .10 cents (15lb. test) a yard… now that’s what I call a recession buster!  Why not try a spool of Ohero Braid… you’ll be glad you did.

For more info visit www.oherofishing.com/ohero-fishing-lines/ohero-braided-fishing-lines/

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