Review of the new C-Eye Series Mirrodine

By December 26, 2012featured, News

Tim with a trophy redfish taken on C-Eye Series!

After some extensive testing over the past ten months on a variety of game fish in south Florida. I have to admit that I am really impressed with this new improved version, the C-Eye Series, of the original Mirrodine (17MR). The new C-Eye Series has made three changes that I feel anglers will really embrace as shrewd refinements by the lure designers at Mirrolure.

The most obvious difference when you examine the new C-Eye Mirrodine is that the eye is now clear and more natural than the original 3D red eye. I believe this more realistic eye color change will help fool wary pressured game fish in clear shallow water environments whereas the standard red eye version is better suited for turbid water applications or when presenting the Mirrodine in soupy bait fish activity.

The next big change that anglers are going to love about the C-Eye Series Mirrodines are the great new custom paint jobs! The line-up includes several new looks that break away from the standard numbered color pallette that Mirrolure historically employs. My personal color favorites in the new C-Eye Series offerings are; trout, redfish, and the GCSB. I truly believe that the changes to more contemporary colors combined with the new clear eye life-like appearance for this version of the Mirrodine will only enhance its appeal to targets like big trout and spooky redfish in gin clear waters.

And finally, there has been a change made to the new C-Eye Series Mirrodine’s hardware. Anglers will now notice that the split rings and hooks are black nickel in color and significantly beefed up in strength. This improvement to the hooks will be well received by fishermen targeting bull redfish, snook, and beleive it or not even juvenile tarpon! And for those who are wondering if the action of the C-Eye Series is any different than the original Mirrodine… in my opinion there is no discernible difference at all.

In a nutshell, the C-Eye Series Mirrodine should become a staple bait in most tackle boxes this year; it already has in mine!

Field tested by Capt. C.A. Richardson