Product Review: Falcon Rods launches new “Backcountry” 3000 & 4000 spinning reels!


When I left the 2013 ICAST Show in Las Vegas last July, I left armed with a new advantage from Falcon Rods. It was the latest addition to the Falcon spinning reel line-up, the new “Backcountry”. What separates the “Backcountry” model from its predecessors the “Volt” and “Moxie”, is that it’s been specifically designed for the inshore light tackle angler. My mission this summer was to field test this new Falcon spinning reel and make sure it would measure up to some of the fiercest predators cruising the shallows.

The first venue I challenged the new “Backcountry” spinning reel in was the marshes of Louisiana. There I had my clients land over 450 fish in just 30 days; many over 20lbs. This extreme tackle test really impressed me with the overall durability factor of this new reel. More or less, because I did not anticipate an economically priced reel, such as the “Backcountry”, to perform at such a high level when pitted against marsh monsters like big black drum and hefty redfish in the Bismarck class!

The next big test was to go down to Everglades National Park and evaluate how the “Backcountry” would handle the blistering runs of South Florida snook. I traveled down there with an old friend and fished two long days and caught several snook and nearly a dozen redfish skipping soft plastics underneath the low hanging mangrove limbs. Close quarter, guerrilla fishing that would max test any drag system on an affordable spinning reel. And yes once again, the “Backcountry” reel answered the challenge!

After putting the reel through the rigors of charter fishing in some of the harshest conditions… I’m convinced the Falcon “Backcountry” reels are going to remain a staple in my guide business for years to come. The “Backcountry” 3000 comes with an extra shallow (braid) spool that’s designed for the angler who does not want to use mono backing, which I really liked. This new offering is also very smooth featuring 11 stainless bearings plus one roller bearing… giving the reel a silky feel even discriminating anglers can appreciate. The reel body is sturdy, corrosion resistant and the bail hardware is overbuilt… it’s tough! It has a 5.0:1 gear ratio that gives it some teeth when the drag is locked down and the drag system is of the micro click variety for subtle adjustments. Line capacity is more than adequate, the deeper spool holds 200 yards of 8lb. line and/or 160 yards of 10lb. line; more than enough even for the hard running bonefish enthusiast.

Overall, I was very pleased with my findings on the performance of Falcon’s new “Backcountry” spinning reels during field testing. But I believe what is more remarkable is the affordable retail cost of just $109 for the 3000 model and $119 for the 4000 model… that’s a bargain in this economy. These reels should be available at retailers that are authorized Falcon Rod dealers by January if not sooner. In my opinion, a big thumbs up to the guys at Falcon Rods, they have a real winner here with the “Backcountry” spinning reels!

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Review by Capt. C.A. Richardson

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Capt. C.A. Richardson
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