Press Release: Flats Class TV partners with Smith Optics

By April 8, 2014News

Press Release: Flats Class TV partners with Smith Optics

Tampa Bay, FL- Flats Class TV is pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Smith Optics, one of the most respected optics brands in the industry since 1965! Smith Optics is based out of Ketchum, Idaho and is a dominant brand with an unmatched following in the Western U.S. and extremely popular with the skiing, surf, and fly fishing communities. But now, Smith is ready to tackle the world of saltwater angling with the assistance of Flats Class TV and the launch of their new proprietary ChromaPop Lens.

Here at Flats Class TV we are excited about this new relationship with Smith Optics! The introduction of ChromaPop is a real game changer for shallow water anglers. This new lens technology, that is exclusive to Smith Optics only, delivers sight fishing enthusiasts a significant advantage! The ChromaPop lens gives anglers a pair of optics that create maximum color contrast and definition by eliminating color confusion. Now, an angler can quickly distinguish a single bonefish over sand, a tarpon under a school of bait or a speckled trout suspended over turtle grass in an instant; this allows for quicker more accurate presentations and ultimately better hook up ratios. How does Smith Optics accomplish this result? Simply by blocking color wave intersections as they pass through the lens, ChromaPop is able to eliminate color confusion so your brain is recognizing true color and contrast faster with much more clarity. That’s the Smith advantage!

Smith Optics also has a reputation of superior quality! Their new lenses are super resilient to scratching and crazing. Plus they use a film-free polarization process that eliminates delamination issues that plague other sunglasses brands! In addition, I have found that the Smith Optics frames are lightweight and durable decreasing the fatigue factor when I’m on the water extensively… day after day. Quality and style is just the beginning at Smith!

By in large, Flats Class TV is identified as a “true to its roots”inshore television program, the new relationship with Smith Optics and their ChromaPop technology is a natural fit for us. I hope our fans are as excited about this new relationship as we are here at Flats Class and see the real advantages that Smith Optics brings to all of those who truly enjoy flats fishing.

By C.A. Richardson, FCTV