Press Release: Falcon Rods & Flats Class TV Announce Partnership!

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December 6, 2010

St. Petersburg, FL– Flats Class TV is proud to announce its recent partnership with Falcon Rods… the 2011 Flats Class TV season will feature the Falcon Rod product line.  The Falcon Rod Company’s reputation as the finest graphite rod builder in the country has long been known in the bass fishing world but now they’re ready to take on the rigors and challenges of saltwater with the help of Flats Class TV!

Falcon Rod’s John and Chris Beckwith have been big fans of Flats Class TV and are excited to be part of the award winning production. Chris says, “A great rod is a critical component to any angler’s success… with the collaboration of expert rod designers here at Falcon and the pros at Flats Class TV, I’m positive we’ll make a big impact with saltwater anglers.”

There has always been a need for specific inshore rods that can accomplish techniques like working suspending plugs, skipping soft plastics, and walking-the-dog with surface baits yet still withstands the brute strength of saltwater game fish. And with Falcon Rods playing a role in Flats Class TV that gap in the industry will be filled.  

According to Flats Class host and founder, Capt. C.A. Richardson “What’s so impressive about the Falcon Rod brand is that they are willing to produce rods for specific techniques for the inshore saltwater market. Never before has a major rod company been willing to address the needs of inshore anglers in regards to specific rod actions that promote proper technique. In the past, the saltwater angler has always been forced to translate bass rod actions into their own style of fishing and the results are often poor… now that Falcon Rods is getting involved that problem will be answered!”

Richardson goes on to explain that “When you get involved with a company like Falcon Rods, who’s been in the rod business for over 20 years, you know they’re serious about quality and customer service. That’s an attitude that I want to be associated with in this industry.”

Being that Flats Class TV’s mantra is all about technical inshore fishing and education this partnership between the two brands should flourish. Be sure to check the local listings for air times this spring with your local cable and satellite providers to catch Flats Class TV featuring Falcon Rods!

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