Capt. C.A. Richardson is not only an accomplished professional angler and popular television host but a very articulate speaker who delivers a very powerful and dynamic seminar. He has the ability to blend colorful stories from his many experiences on the water with pertinent “how-to” information that captivates his audience and leaves them thirsting for more knowledge about our growing light-tackle inshore sport!

With over fourteen years experience putting together speaking presentations for Flats Class seminars… C.A. has a unique way of empowering his students with the necessary education, skills, confidence & motivation to be more productive anglers!

C.A.’s power to connect with his fan base not only through television & the web but by his accessibility for speaking engagements makes him a well liked speaker that draws positive attention to the companies, causes, and organizations he represents.

His effective communication skills is the very reason his Flats Class V2.1 Inshore Fishing Schools & Workshops are so popular with anglers of all skill levels!

Ask yourself have you been to fishing seminars and felt like you’ve heard that same old story, over and over? Tired of being sold product over technique? Or do you have a hard time understanding or hearing what the featured expert is lecturing about because you are in a sea of hundreds of attendees with distracting background noise at a fishing expo? Well now there’s an alternative, Flats Class V2.1 Schools & Workshops with Capt. C.A. Richardson from Flats Class TV; he has made his original Flats Class fishing school even better!

One of the more beneficial rewards you can offer yourself is to gain more knowledge about the sport you enjoy. Understanding what you should be doing and where you should be doing it is powerful information. Plus, it’s going to hook more fish for you in the future than the some infomercial lure you might buy from a “pitch man” at the next boat show. Naturally, there are lots of sources to obtain information on inshore fishing; such as books, magazines, videos, blogs, and of course the old “trial & error” method. But what if you could get the benefit of years of pro level experience; from an instructor who’s fished all over the Gulf Coast and Caribbean as a pro angler and a guide? And receive all of this material in an easy to understand yet dynamic power-point presentation and hands-on experience? Well it’s finally here, Flats Class V2.1 is a proven curriculum that thousands of students have enjoyed!

Flats Class V2.1 is the most comprehensive inshore fishing school around and covers everything from touching on the basics to advanced techniques. Some of the topics of interest include “how to use hard baits more effectively”, “retrieve tempo: does it make a difference?”, “scouting for success” and “how current and tide height position game fish”; plus some of the latest tackle innovations coming in for next year from companies like Raymarine, Z-Man Lures, Mirro-Lure, Falcon Rods, Ohero, Aqua Dream Spoons and more!

For only a $69 tuition fee!

  • You’ll receive 4.5 hours of professional instruction from Captain C.A. Richardson
  • A premium lure package
  • 20 Tips from Flats Class (cheat sheet)
  • snacks & beverages
  • plus raffle prizes for select tackle

Don’t miss your chance to “Learn what the Pros Know”.

***NEW CLASSES COMING SOON! Check back for dates!***

Classes are limited to 50 students to enhance the experience and allow everyone to be comfortable so do not delay when registering! If your company, fishing club, retail store, or organization is interested in C.A. making a personal speaking appearance, please call 727.647.9356 or e-mail him here.