Press Release: Flats Class TV partners with Smith Optics

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Press Release: Flats Class TV partners with Smith Optics

Tampa Bay, FL- Flats Class TV is pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Smith Optics, one of the most respected optics brands in the industry since 1965! Smith Optics is based out of Ketchum, Idaho and is a dominant brand with an unmatched following in the Western U.S. and extremely popular with the skiing, surf, and fly fishing communities. But now, Smith is ready to tackle the world of saltwater angling with the assistance of Flats Class TV and the launch of their new proprietary ChromaPop Lens.

Here at Flats Class TV we are excited about this new relationship with Smith Optics! The introduction of ChromaPop is a real game changer for shallow water anglers. This new lens technology, that is exclusive to Smith Optics only, delivers sight fishing enthusiasts a significant advantage! The ChromaPop lens gives anglers a pair of optics that create maximum color contrast and definition by eliminating color confusion. Now, an angler can quickly distinguish a single bonefish over sand, a tarpon under a school of bait or a speckled trout suspended over turtle grass in an instant; this allows for quicker more accurate presentations and ultimately better hook up ratios. How does Smith Optics accomplish this result? Simply by blocking color wave intersections as they pass through the lens, ChromaPop is able to eliminate color confusion so your brain is recognizing true color and contrast faster with much more clarity. That’s the Smith advantage!

Smith Optics also has a reputation of superior quality! Their new lenses are super resilient to scratching and crazing. Plus they use a film-free polarization process that eliminates delamination issues that plague other sunglasses brands! In addition, I have found that the Smith Optics frames are lightweight and durable decreasing the fatigue factor when I’m on the water extensively… day after day. Quality and style is just the beginning at Smith!

By in large, Flats Class TV is identified as a “true to its roots”inshore television program, the new relationship with Smith Optics and their ChromaPop technology is a natural fit for us. I hope our fans are as excited about this new relationship as we are here at Flats Class and see the real advantages that Smith Optics brings to all of those who truly enjoy flats fishing.

By C.A. Richardson, FCTV

The all new Flats Class Workshop is here!

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The new “Workshop” version of the popular Flats Class School series revolves around a more hands-on approach. Students will be doing a variety of bait rigging, be exposed to how baits work in the pool/tank, and viewing an array of casting demos. In fact, some students will be called on to even participate and learn skills such as utilizing a bait caster for plug fishing, practice skipping a lure, and rod tactics to master casting accuracy. All of these skills will be demonstrated poolside to maximize visualization!

We also will cover lure and color selection scenarios through a Power Point program designed by Capt. C.A. Richardson based on various scenarios. And additionally cover topics about how to effectively fish tides around flats, mangroves, beaches, and docks!

Also, we will raffle off some fantastic door prizes that include the new Falcon LowRider Salt Series Rod, a Mirrolure tackle box with hand picked Flats Class favorites, a Z-Man tackle pack with a variety of profiles, a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, plus every student will receive a student bag with several baits from the participating partners of Flats Class TV…

This is a great value for only a $59 tuition fee…but the class is limited to only 50 students. So do not hesitate to register now before all the seats are gone!

The first “Workshop Class” will be held at Bill Jackson’s Adventure Store on October 19th, 2013 from 10:00am to 2 pm! Bill Jackson’s Adventure Store is located at 9501 U.S. 19, Pinellas Park, FL and is a perfect venue for this type of fishing school.

To register now for $59, please email me at for an early reservation. Late registration at door will have a small service fee ($5) attached.

Look forward to seeing some of our loyal Flats Class fans there at the new “Flats Class Workshop”until then catch’em up!

Capt. C.A. Richardson
Flats Class TV

Product Review: Falcon Rods launches new “Backcountry” 3000 & 4000 spinning reels!

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When I left the 2013 ICAST Show in Las Vegas last July, I left armed with a new advantage from Falcon Rods. It was the latest addition to the Falcon spinning reel line-up, the new “Backcountry”. What separates the “Backcountry” model from its predecessors the “Volt” and “Moxie”, is that it’s been specifically designed for the inshore light tackle angler. My mission this summer was to field test this new Falcon spinning reel and make sure it would measure up to some of the fiercest predators cruising the shallows.

The first venue I challenged the new “Backcountry” spinning reel in was the marshes of Louisiana. There I had my clients land over 450 fish in just 30 days; many over 20lbs. This extreme tackle test really impressed me with the overall durability factor of this new reel. More or less, because I did not anticipate an economically priced reel, such as the “Backcountry”, to perform at such a high level when pitted against marsh monsters like big black drum and hefty redfish in the Bismarck class!

The next big test was to go down to Everglades National Park and evaluate how the “Backcountry” would handle the blistering runs of South Florida snook. I traveled down there with an old friend and fished two long days and caught several snook and nearly a dozen redfish skipping soft plastics underneath the low hanging mangrove limbs. Close quarter, guerrilla fishing that would max test any drag system on an affordable spinning reel. And yes once again, the “Backcountry” reel answered the challenge!

After putting the reel through the rigors of charter fishing in some of the harshest conditions… I’m convinced the Falcon “Backcountry” reels are going to remain a staple in my guide business for years to come. The “Backcountry” 3000 comes with an extra shallow (braid) spool that’s designed for the angler who does not want to use mono backing, which I really liked. This new offering is also very smooth featuring 11 stainless bearings plus one roller bearing… giving the reel a silky feel even discriminating anglers can appreciate. The reel body is sturdy, corrosion resistant and the bail hardware is overbuilt… it’s tough! It has a 5.0:1 gear ratio that gives it some teeth when the drag is locked down and the drag system is of the micro click variety for subtle adjustments. Line capacity is more than adequate, the deeper spool holds 200 yards of 8lb. line and/or 160 yards of 10lb. line; more than enough even for the hard running bonefish enthusiast.

Overall, I was very pleased with my findings on the performance of Falcon’s new “Backcountry” spinning reels during field testing. But I believe what is more remarkable is the affordable retail cost of just $109 for the 3000 model and $119 for the 4000 model… that’s a bargain in this economy. These reels should be available at retailers that are authorized Falcon Rod dealers by January if not sooner. In my opinion, a big thumbs up to the guys at Falcon Rods, they have a real winner here with the “Backcountry” spinning reels!

For more info about Falcon Rods products, please visit

Review by Capt. C.A. Richardson

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Capt. C.A. Richardson
Flats Class TV

Press Release: Falcon Rods & Flats Class TV Announce Partnership!

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December 6, 2010

St. Petersburg, FL– Flats Class TV is proud to announce its recent partnership with Falcon Rods… the 2011 Flats Class TV season will feature the Falcon Rod product line.  The Falcon Rod Company’s reputation as the finest graphite rod builder in the country has long been known in the bass fishing world but now they’re ready to take on the rigors and challenges of saltwater with the help of Flats Class TV! Read More