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C.A. Richardson

The Art of Poling the Shallows

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The reason why light tackle & fly anglers have so much more success throwing the fakes that catch trophy game fish is directly related to their ability to pole their skiffs quietly into range without alerting their quarry.  The advantage to push poling a skiff is that you minimize your footprint on the flat…that ultimately equates to a reduction in noise and practically a zero pressure wave emanating from the poled hull.  And I’m personally convinced that a quiet boat that can’t be detected… just “flat out fishes” any other type of boat that is making preventable sounds within the same shallow zone. Read More

The Crustacean Pattern

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Dropping water temperatures often force light tackle anglers to reach for a good crustacean imitator from their tackle bag.  Colder water also dictates slower presentations that appeal to game fish not willing to expend the energy to chase down the faster paced lures utilized during the warmer months.  For this reason, a good shrimp or crab imitation is generally well received by snook, redfish, and sea trout when there is a good chill in the air. Read More

Tackle Review: “Ohero Braid”

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Over my career I have had the opportunity to use dozens of brands of fishing line; some I like, some I dislike, but finally I have found one fishing line that I love… it’s Ohero Braid made from 100% Dyneema!  The Ohero Braid has several user-friendly qualities that I have found to be ultra beneficial to my style of inshore fishing.   Read More

Hell’s Bay “Biscayne” Review by Capt. C.A. Richardson

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My Test Drive Experience

Recently I had the opportunity to jump aboard the brand new Hell’s Bay Biscayne for a quick sea trial with Capt. Todd Fuller (HB General Manager) and well known outdoor writer Rusty Chinnis along the Manatee River and south shore of Tampa Bay.  I was thoroughly impressed with the new Biscayne and can honestly say it deserves all of the “buzz” it has created over the past few months since its debut at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.  Read More

Smart Casting

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Smart Casting is a term that I utilize in my Flats Class V2.0 seminar series to describe where the presentation has to be placed to increase the odds of a fish striking the lure.  Often what is considered a well placed cast by many anglers is occasionally too close to the targeted fish and frequently results in a negative response to the angler’s presentation.  Read More

Equipment Review: The Minn-Kota I-Pilot

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My Hell’s Bay Neptune is complimented by some phenomenal accessories but one that has really impressed me is the Minn-Kota I-Pilot. This latest addition to Minn-Kota’s trolling motor line-up is in my opinion the best yet… GPS wireless technology that gives anglers true hands-free control over their boat like never before.  Below are just a few reasons why I give the MK I-Pilot the Flats Class seal of approval. Read More

Back to School!

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It’s that time of year again; time to go back to the Flats Class V2.0 Inshore Fishing School for more great fishing tips that will give enrolled anglers guaranteed results!  This year’s Flats Class V2.0 has been revamped to include more advanced strategies and techniques with less emphasis on covering the basics.  There will be four classes during the fall 2011/winter 2012 schedule with three of them already planned for the following areas: Tampa 10/8 (Tampa Fishing Outfitters), Jacksonville 11/5 (The Strike Zone), and Punta Gorda 1/21 (Laishley Marine). Read More