Perfect Holiday Gifts for Fishy Folks

By December 6, 2013Articles

christmasAn annual holiday dilemma for many shoppers is what do I buy for the angler in our family this year?
Not an easy question to answer for most who might not be familiar with our sport.
So once again this year, Flats Class is going to help out by making some quality suggestions that will accomplish this task and satisfy every budget, big or small!

1. You can’t go wrong here. Every angler needs fishing line and hooks, they are the staples of our
light tackle fishing sport. Ohero Adrenaline braid and Trident hooks are fantastic stocking stuffers that
deliver high performance at a very reasonable price. It’s a can’t miss gift for any angler…
learn more at, #oherofishing

2. If you are looking for some great lure ideas, why not Aqua Dream spoons & spinnerbaits?
These blade baits are very well received by anglers and all gamefish for that matter, especially
wary redfish! Aqua Dream is known for its innovative designs & quality construction; a can’t miss gift.
You can order now at, #aquadreamspoons

3. Another fantastic gift idea that is a home run with all anglers would have to be Pro-Cure gel
scents. Pro-Cure gel scents enhance every lure’s “prey appeal” to predators. A great combo gift to compliment
a favorite lure! Pick up a few bottles for stocking stuffers at your favorite retailer or order direct
at, #procuregelscents

4. Most anglers love soft plastic baits for a variety of inshore species but one soft bait really
stands out from the rest, it’s Z-Man. Z-Man baits are so life-like, in regards to action, that
fish simply can’t resist them. And now, many of the Z-Man profiles are already pre-scented with
Pro-Cure gel scents… a win, win. My new “go to” profiles for this upcoming season have been
the PogyZ & the Diezel Minnow, you have to give them a try! To learn more about Z-Man go to,

5. When it comes to hard baits, Mirrolure is the only brand that comes to mind for avid saltwater
pluggers. Their latest offering is the new Pro Series Top Dog surface walker, it’s been a huge hit
this Fall with my charters and will be an ideal gift for any fisherman this holiday season! Trout,
Redfish, and Snook can’t refuse this new topwater plug. For more info go to, #mirrolure

6. Costa Del Mar optics exemplify quality & style with a wide array of frames and the best
optically correct lens in the industry. My first choice for sight fishing is the new Costa “Sunrise”
lens which, in my opinion, gives me a serious advantage on the flats! Buy them now by visiting, #costadelmarsunglasses

7. Falcon Rods and myself have come to market with a fantastic offering that perfectly suits the
shallow water angler. It’s the LowRider Salt Series, 7’6″medium action, “Flats Class” spinning
rod designed to cast light weight artificial baits a “country mile” by most standards and built
to last! Very reasonably priced and available at most retailers offering the Falcon Rod brand.
Visit to see the complete product line from Falcon Rods. #falconrods

8. The latest innovation from Power-Pole should be available by Christmas… the new Micro!
This new mini anchor will revolutionize the kayak and micro skiff market as a must have “hands
free” accessory that exceeds expectations at a price you can afford. To learn more about the Micro and see the video, go to, #JLMarine

9. If electronics is on Santa’s list then consider the new Dragonfly from Raymarine. The
Dragonfly is user friendly, simple to install and very intuitive to anglers needs. Not just a
another GPS but a bottom machine that incorporates the new “Down Vision” technology! And the
price is considerably less than what you would expect, a real bargain. Check the new Dragonfly technology out at, #raymarine

10. When I make the statement, Yeti Coolers are unmatched in performance and durability.
It’s coming from the heart, my Yeti Tundra 45 is more than 2 years old and sits outside in the Florida sun everyday… It has fallen off my boat onto the pavement, withstood countless 200 pound men standing on it to sight fish, and it still looks great & performs flawlessly! Let Santa get one today for you at, #yeticoolers

11. Hell’s Bay Boatworks gear make terrific gifts for all flats fishing enthusiasts! Any angler can appreciate the style, functionality, and look of the quality clothing & head gear. Hell’s Bay Boatworks has an online Pro Shop that can take the pain out of shopping the “brick & mortars”. Find out what top guides and the legends of fishing already know… HB gear is the best! Shop online today at, #hellsbayboats

12. Another incredible gift idea around the holidays are Flats Class School & Charter gift certificates! These are great values with the Flats Class V2.1 School certificate at a modest $59 or check my website for a specific charter option that will suit your gift certificate needs for that special angler in your family! To secure a gift certificate please contact me through my “guide website” at, #flatsclasscharters #captcarichardson

Hopefully these suggestions give you a few clues about gift ideas this holiday season. Either way, it should be a very Merry Fishmas this year for all of us!